InterPlay Coaching & Consulting

Q: Why the otter?
A: The playful otter can swim, eat and socialize all at once. As a symbol, the otter provides a reminder to enjoy the moment while incorporating all we value into all we do.

Life Coaching

You feel: Uncertain, stuck, stalled or unsure
You want:
        To feel good about who you are and what you do.
        To be sure you are on the right path in your life.
        To be satisfied with yourself, and your work.
        To feel fulfilled by who you are and what you do.
        To have a sense that your life and your work are in balance.
        A sample coaching session. The first one’s free—on me, and there’s no obligation at all.
        You’ll get value from this: that’s guaranteed.

Wellness Coaching

You know:
        Nothing is more important that maintaining your health and yet:
                You eat unconsciously and know you could do better.
                You mean to get to the gym, but _________(fill in the blank).
                You need to drop a few pounds, stop smoking, cut down on drinking, but…
You feel:
        No matter how hard you try, you never manage to meet your goals.
        You don’t know where to start on the road back to being fit and healthy.
        You sometimes can’t stop eating, smoking, drinking, even though you want to.
        Wellness coaching may be the answer. Try a free sample session.

Creative Projects, Leadership and Business Coaching

You are:
        Unclear about how to choose among the possibilities available.
        Feeling isolated or alone from holding all of the responsibility yourself.
        Confused about how to order priorities, or even what the priorities are.
        Wondering about what’s standing in the way of a higher level of achievement.

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